Mike's turning 60...


Mike's happiest when he's in the new theater. And even happier  

when it is full of people. Can you help us fill the theatre this Saturday?

It would make those of us who work here so very, very grateful! 


Michael Burns, our Artistic Director, turns 60 this Saturday. One year ago, Mike and the amazing Kat Koppett closed on 10 North Jay Street. Six months ago, the Mopco opened,  on October 22. So it's a big weekend. But things do go wrong. Like, today, we ran out of stamps. Hoo boy! You woulda thought it was a Constitutional crisis, or something, for the way he carried on!  OK, let's not get into Constitutional crises right now. You should hear him on THAT subject! 

To put it bluntly, Mike's being a grump. It's probably the upcoming birthday-you know, decades are hard, especially for men--it's a vanity thing. (He was like this when his hair fell out too....) 

Your laughter could help degrumpify old Mike. 

If you simply Buy a ticket or two and come have a great laugh at this Saturday night's show at The Mopco, you can help cheer up grumpy ol' Mike. And that would help those of us who work at the place so much. (you have no idea.

Oh, crud, here he comes!  OK,  we gotta go. But that's the deal. We hope we'll see you at The Mopco, this Saturday, or if not then, real soon! 


Haven't been to The Mopco yet?

You are in for a treat. This year we won "Best in Comedy" for the third year in a row from Times Union readers. Saturdays: Theatresports, one of our most popular formats. 

In the little lobby cafe area, we've got fresh baked goods (the old grump--er---our Artistic Director--bakes the cookies and brownies himself!) and a great selection of coffee, soda, or beer, cider and wine. You can even have a ciabatta grilled cheese, or a hotdog, or hot popcorn! 



You can make a whole evening of it--

The Mopco is surrounded by some great restaurants, like More Perreca's, Cornell's, Chez Nous, Persian Bite,  Tara Kitchen, and more! all are within a three or four minute walk! 


Once a firehouse, then a restaurant, then a "gentlemen's club", 10 North Jay sat empty and crumbling for over 20 years. We gutted it, and completely rehabbed the place. The transformation is dramatic--in fact, we have it on good authority that we're about to win an award for our work on the place! 


Questions? email us at hey@mopco.org, or give us a call at (518)577-6726.