Aaron Fram

Aaron is one of the newest members of Mopco, but he is no stranger to improv. Born on a small fish farm in Oklahoma... (Too early; fast-forward)... tuba major... (fast-forward)... band director... (fast-forward)... first shuttle mission to Mars... (Whoops! rewind)... comedy improv since 2009. (HERE we go!)... He studied at The Improv Trick and The Improv Shop, both in St. Louis, MO. While there, he performed extensively with several troupes, including Perfectly Wrong, Strange Bedfellows, SMAM, Fram-a-Flamm, and Schrödinger’s Cast. He moved to Grand Rapids, MI in 2014, where he performed with Rapid Delivery Improv, With the Dark, and developed his one-man improv show, A Vial For Ramen.  He co-directed the 2015 Grand Rapids Improv Festival, where he also taught a Harold workshop. The students of that workshop went on to found GR’s first Harold troupe, Beer City Improv, which Aaron coached until he moved to Albany in 2016. On the non-improv side, he has also tackled the bard with Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company. Shortly after moving to the Capital Region he discovered Mopco. After showing up incessantly to every show for months, the theater finally gave up and let him join the team. Now he gets to work and play every week with his new family of amazing and talented weirdoes!