Do you give out awards?
We will award for best-in-category and an overall best-in-festival. Awards will be in the form of a token honorarium plus a framable certificate. 

Is there a submission fee?
Yes. The Mopco Improv Theatre  is  "for profit," but doesn't actually turn a profit (we make most of our money through our consultancy, Koppett). Submission fees will offset the costs of putting the festival together, and help us pay some of our mortgage for the summer.

Premiere Screening Rights?
Nope. We do not require premiere screening rights. BUT,  we take no responsibility for stipulations of your distribution agreements or copyrights for prior television, film, internet or festival showings.  If you do screen elsewhere, we hope you will inform us so we can let the world know about your success! 

What about copyrighted material included in my piece?
You are responsible for getting clearance/permissions for any copyrighted material that may be included in your film. We will not check for, nor take responsibility for, the inclusion of uncleared materials in your work. You are responsible for obtaining festival clearance rights for music, stock footage or any other material, to avoid potential rights infringements. In other words, there are many things that we aren’t: among them, lawyers, accountants, or agents. 

Can I submit my film as a rough cut?
Sure--if you submit a rough, let us know, and let us know when you expect to complete your project. We’ll consider a ‘work in progress” if you let us know. 

How can I get my DVD back?
We are happy to return DVD’s if you provide us with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the appropriate postage. Mopco takes no responsibility for lost or returned screeners.

We can only screen digital work. 

June 30, 2017