The Mop & Bucket Company is an essential piece of my students’ success. These experiences have transformed the ordinary classroom into an extraordinary learning community.
— Grace NG, 6th grade teacher, Paige Elementary School

Mopco offers interactive shows and workshops that entertain and educate.




Common Formats:

  • General (ie., improv games)
  • Thematic (ie., team-building, or anti-bullying)
  • Or skill-building (ie., listening, creative risk-taking, collaboration)

A Mopco facilitator works with approximately 25 students per session.

Pricing starting at:

  • Four 45-min sessions, one day: $1,500
  • Two 45-min sessions, one day: $1,000


Select Mopco cast members and an accompanist perform an interactive, upbeat show. Popular formats include:

  • General and/or thematic show: Scenes, stories and songs made up on the spot, guided by your theme, and audience suggestions. Mopco improvisors invite willing volunteers to participate in the onstage creativity.
  • TheatreSports!: Based on audience suggestions, teams of improvisers spontaneously create scenes, stories, and songs, linked to your learning objectives. The audience joins the fun (often on stage) and scores the match.

Pricing starting at:

  • One show for the whole school: $1,500
  • Two shows grouped by grade (K-3 and 4-6): $2,500
  • One show, three 45-min workshop sessions: $3,000


For more information or to request a program, message hey@mopco.org or call (518) 577-6726

I consider Mopco’s residency an integral part of our theater education program. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure they come back every year. I’ve been fortunate to witness how transformative their work with our students is. Through the principles of improvisation they instill in them a sense of trust, generosity, willingness to play and positive collaboration.
— Tim Dugan, Capital Region Theater Arts Teacher