Mark S. Meritt

Mark S. Meritt is the Musical Director of the Mop & Bucket Co. as well as its long-form house team Alf Pacino and its all-female house team Am I Right?, and it tickles him greatly to be the only male in that group, even though the ladies do not actually tickle him. Mark has written musicals and screenplays that agents represented, played piano on TV including once doing Name That Tune with Rosie O’Donnell, and received honors and citations for academic work on sustainability. He teaches the Simply Music piano method, for which he's developed an introductory course and an improvisation & composition program that can be done even by people who've never had a lesson. He develops and teaches classes for MopCo, and you can sometimes see him out and about taking sing-along requests for hours on end. It's seriously just about the most joyful thing on the planet for him. Really. Also, slowly, Mark is writing new musicals and trying his hand at non-musical improv. And tap dancing.