Scene Study At The Mopco

Scene requirements

I ask you to find a two person scene from the last 50 years of American naturalistic drama that doesn't seem to have much happening in it.   I realize this is hard--a good play has something important happening at every moment. But: Many times early in the play there are expository scenes where we meet the characters and the environment--we establish the world of the play, if you will. THAT's what you want to bring in. Scenes where the platform is established, before the "tilt" that makes the story take off. 

Your scene can be from 4-6 standard Samuel French pages, or equivalent. (4-6 minutes in length) It should present roughly equal opportunities for both players to work. 

If at all possible, email me a copy of your scene BEFORE the first class, so I can take a peek and make sure it will serve you best. Subject: SCENE FOR CLASS 


Bring Things In: 

We have an extremely limited selection of rehearsal props at the theatre. You are encouraged to be ready to bring in objects that will allow your scene to live. If you are doing a scene that needs a giant stuffed Dodo bird, get creative and bring something in to represent that. What you bring in is up to you, but probably best if it can all fit into a shopping bag or backpack or two. We'll talk more about this in the first class. 

Rehearsal and



Final scenes will be presented at the theatre on Wednesday, Aug. 16 at 7 PM We will not have a tech rehearsal: Basically you get lights up/down, general wash. Think carefully about avoiding scenes that require complicated sound cues--this class is about your work, not tech! 

You and your partner will be responsible for out-of-class rehearsals. Limited times will be available for you to work at the theatre, but you also may consider working out of your (or your partner's) home.