Improv Skills Are Life Skills


Improv education helps students learn, improve, and retain skills critical to success in school and beyond.

Mindfulness   |  Listening   |  Respect   |  Trust  Collaboration   |  Creativity   |  Community


Our Services


Our shows can be just for fun, or they can be themed to support your school's curriculum



We offer professional training for teachers and staff to bring the benefits of improv into your school


Our programs can extend throughout the day and are customized to your unique needs



Our workshops can take place in the classroom to teach students the power of improv


For more information or to request a program, email or call (518) 577-6726


Mopco is an essential piece of my students’ success. These experiences have transformed the ordinary classroom into an extraordinary learning community.
— Grace NG, 6th grade teacher, Paige Elementary School

It's Not Just For Laughs

(But it's definitely good for that too!)


Improv Techniques Have Been Shown To:

  • Help facilitate STEAM instruction

  • Build effective communication skills

  • Break down cultural barriers

  • Build community

  • Increase empathy and collaboration

I consider Mopco’s residency an integral part of our theater education program. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure they come back every year. I’ve been fortunate to witness how transformative their work with our students is. Through the principles of improvisation they instill in them a sense of trust, generosity, willingness to play and positive collaboration.
— Tim Dugan, Capital Region Theater Arts Teacher