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Could Mary Darcy and Brittany Glenn be any busier? Not only are they beloved Mopco cast members—they’re also bringing the Schenectady Light Opera Company’s Beauty and the Beast to life, December 4-13. We caught up with Mary, who had a few minutes to tell us about her experiences working on the show.

Mopco: The Beauty and the Beast cast is mainly high school students, right? What’s it like working with young actors?

Mary: Working with kids is wonderful. They’re so open to new ideas and new experiences. These kids are so crazy talented, it’s a delight to see what they can do.  It’s also a delight when you see them support each other and grow as not just performers but as people.  

Mopco: Is it rewarding to pass along the lessons you’ve learned as an improviser and performer?

Mary: This experience reminds me how far I have come since those days. I’m sometimes shocked to realize that I have something to share with these young actors that might actually make a difference. Sometimes I think it’s funny that anyone might ask me for advice or listen to what I have to say, but mostly it’s kind of touching that they consider me someone that has valuable experience to share, and someone who cares, is safe to talk with, and has their best interests at heart.    

Mopco: It sounds like you’re learning from them as well.

Mary: Watching how they work helps me as an improviser.  It reminds me of how it looks to drop some of the inhibitions I’ve picked up along the way and just goof around and play. 

Mopco: Sounds like a great experience and a fun show. Can’t wait to see it!