Dear Senior Citizens Who Want to Try Improv, But Are Reluctant Due to Their Age

By Heather E. Schwartz

So you’d like to try improv, but you’re worried any class you sign up for will be populated with 20-somethings and you’ll be the only gray-haired individual in there? Let me start by saying I hear you. Improv has a reputation for attracting a younger crowd. But I’m going to try and convince you to go for it anyway. Here are my reasons.


1. Odds are, you will not be the only student over 25 in your class. These classes truly attract people of all ages, from high school students to time-tested adults.

2. Despite your inner doubts, you probably have more confidence than you realize. (And possibly more confidence than those 20-somethings around you.) After all, you’ve lived. You know deep down that feeling uncomfortable is just a normal part of trying new things.

3. If you are the oldest person in your class, it’s true you may be cast by your classmates as a grandparent in various scenes. Stay with me, now. There’s a reason I’m telling you this. In improv, being cast as a grandparent means absolutely nothing about your real life age or appearance. Young people are called upon to play grandparents, too. 

4. When you think you’re too old for something, it’s only because this is the oldest you’ve ever been. Next year, you’ll look back and think, “Well, now I’m definitely too old. I should have tried it back then.”

Outsmart yourself and try improv now.


Meet the Author

Heather E. Schwartz has always had a passion for writing, grew up to make a career of it, and was surprised when she struggled to write this bio. In addition to writing, she loves laughing, improvising, and dreaming up crazy ideas.