Improv at Work!

By Heather E. Schwartz

Improv isn’t just for entertainment. In fact, it has its place in business, too. Real-world performance choices have a profound impact on professional success. And everyone makes those choices—every single day. 


This is where Koppett + Co., Mopco’s sister company, comes in, training groups and individuals in how to make the right real-world performance choices. The kind that enhance creativity. Strengthen skills. Help people reach their business goals. All by harnessing the power of improv.


Koppett + Co.’s lastest course is The Five Must-Do’s of Courageous Women Leaders, developed by Koppett founder and Mopco co-director Kat Koppett and her colleague Corey Jamison.  Want to know more about how improv can enhance professional success? Kat’s book, Training to Imagine: Practical Improvisational Theatre Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership and Learning (Stylus, 2012)is considered a seminal work on the subject. Be sure to check out her new brand spankin' new website and like them on Facebook for some more magical posts!

If you are interested in a Koppett program, our next local public event will be on September 18th, Presentation Skills. 


Meet the author

Heather E. Schwartz has always had a passion for writing, grew up to make a career of it, and was surprised when she struggled to write this bio. In addition to writing, she loves laughing, improvising, and dreaming up crazy ideas.