Ready, Set, Sing!

By Heather E. Schwartz

Improvising songs isn’t really so different from improvising scenes. Get ready for the next Mopco music class with these easy exercises.

  • Make up new lyrics to holiday songs or pop songs on the radio.
  • Sing in the shower.
  • Sing in the car.
  • Sing everything you say to your kids. (If they’re under 10, they’ll think it’s funny; proceed with caution if they’re tweens or teens.)
  • Practice rhyming anywhere and everywhere.
  • Practice A-A-B-A verses. Sing one line and repeat it twice (A-A). Make up a new line (B). Then, repeat the first line (A). Just like improvising in general, easier than you think!

There a few very exciting opportunities coming up that involve musical improvisation!!

A Different flavor of Jam: Sing-a-long

Come on out this Saturday night, Sept. 19th,  for a not-so-old-fashioned sing-along with Mopco musical director Mark S. Meritt. He'll be on the keys taking your requests -- pop, rock, show tunes, TV themes, standards, whatever you like. If you've got something to look up lyrics on the internet, lovely, but it's still great even when nobody really knows the words. There's no telling what direction things will go, except that it should be lots of fun for everybody!

8 PM, 309 Union St. in Schenectady.  We welcome you to bring something yummy to share, or drop $5 bucks in the hat. (If you are hungry and broke, eat something yummy and take a couple of bucks out of the hat...) 

Spontaneous Broadway @ SLOC

Spontaneous Broadway, where performers "audition" Broadway-style songs that they have created on the spot, and then take the audience favorite and improvise an entire one-act musical around it- an experience that must be seen to be believed!

  • Friday, October 23 @ 8pm
  • Saturday, October 24 @ 8pm
  • Sunday, October 25 @ 2pm

To purchase tickets, please call 1-877-350-7378, or click the button below to purchase online!

SING YOUR BUTT OFF! Improv Music Class

Mondays in November: November 2, 9, 16, 23; 7-9pm

An exciting four-week class with our musical director, Mark S. Meritt!

Even absolute beginners can make magic with improvised songs when they learn the right tricks. In this intro level class, Mark will guide you one small step at a time to big results. You'll learn the fundamental tools for spontaneous singing, culminating in the improvistation of a complete song before the class is over!

Register below!

Level 132: Musical Improv


Meet the Author

Heather E. Schwartz has always had a passion for writing, grew up to make a career of it, and was surprised when she struggled to write this bio. In addition to writing, she loves laughing, improvising, and dreaming up crazy ideas.