The Skinny on… Mark S. Meritt

Mopco cast member since

What was your favorite toy as a child?

Depends on the age. Preschool/kindergarten, a stuffed blue bear named Jack. A bit later, Star Wars stuff, especially the Death Star.


What’s your favorite local restaurant?

The grilled chicken salad with just vinegar at Nico's (Pizzeria for take-out, Rooftop Tavern for eat-in) is my go-to relatively-low-guilt dining out choice in the area, so I usually go with that. But my actual favorite is Perreca's, Everything's great there, and the Eggs in Purgatory are heaven. Pun intended.


Are you involved in any creative projects you’d like to tell people about?

I'm working on two piano education programs for the method I teach (Simply Music), one on improvisation & composition for everyone including absolute beginners, and the other an intro to the method. I'm also far too slowly co-writing a musical.


How do you prepare before Mopco performances?

Hanging out with the cast is good enough for me. Before getting there, in the car, I listen to podcasts about writing and storytelling.


How do you prepare to teach Mopco classes?

Write up a quick outline and keep my fingers crossed that everything goes okay from there.



Would you rather travel to the moon or the bottom of the sea?

Bottom of the sea, 100 percent. It'd be more full of life and color, and there's way more opportunity to learn a lesson or two about how to live a healthy and sustainable life here on Earth. It'd also cost less than going to the Moon.