Tall Hobbit Improvisation: What is this?

What is this?

The quick and dirty facts.


Lemme Tell You What’s Up.

My name is Stephanie. I pretend to be an improviser and actress. I’m 25. I have no idea what I am doing with my life and my favorite hobby is making rash decisions that are erratic and lead to an unsustainable lifestyle in which I move every few months, am perpetually broke and cripple any chance of forming long term relationships.

The context of these writings was originally intended to be about the ways in which engaging and practicing improvisational theatre is beneficial in the context of living a decent life, global travel and in teaching in a classroom environment, specifically an ESL one. I am teaching English as a second language in Vinh City, Vietnam for three months. I teach a range of classes from 4 years old to 40 or so.

So – a travel blog with an emphasis on theatre and mental health advocacy.

I am currently in Vinh City, Vietnam, but I’ve got stuff to share from all over the world.

Short answer that I tell acquaintances and friends- “I want to see the world before I settle down and I want to see if I like teaching as a career path to pursue.” Real answer, “I was sort of hoping that if I run to the other side of the world away from my problems and do enough things that everything will click and make sense and I will know what I want to do with my life.”

I haven’t quite figured it out yet.