Mark S. Meritt

Mark on Music

Mark on Music

A holiday open house without music is like… a Spontaneous Broadway show without music. A bit too quiet. Less dynamic than it ought to be. Lacking an essential quality at the heart of the event.

Which is why you’ll find our own Mark S. Meritt at the piano at Hyde Park’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum this weekend, playing holiday tunes as guests tour and take part in special activities on Saturday, Dec. 12. 

Come Make Up Songs!

Admit it. You were skeptical when you read that class description for Mopco’s “Sing Your Butt Off! Summer Music Class.”

Beginners learning to improvise songs? you scoffed, inwardly. Impossible!

Nevertheless intrigued, you wanted to know more. You wanted to know what happens in the class. How this is possible.

So I went ahead and asked for you. Here’s what Mopco Musical Director Mark S. Meritt explained.

 1. The class covers aspects of melody, harmony, working with an accompanist, and basic song structure. The building blocks, really, for creating a song.

2. Students who’ve improvised before can use their improv skills to create lyrics (otherwise known as just plain words). The only difference here is the words are set to music. 

3. Students who haven’t improvised before will still be able to do this because the entire process is broken down into simple steps.

And suddenly, learning to improvise songs sounds like an attainable goal, after all.