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You provide the goodies, we provide the fun! a Mopco birthday party features a selfie corner, big relaxing beanbags on stage, an improv class and short demo show by the kids for their families, and more! You don't have to get icing out of your carpet-- leave the cleanup to us! 

Birthday Party!

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  • We set up tables for your refreshments and gifts. You provide the goodies, we take care of the cleanup. ● We can help serve, though we find most parents love to take care of that themselves. ● We provide free popcorn if you request it! ● Please note: We sell beer, wine and cider in our cafe in the lobby, but NOT during youth parties. In the theatre ● We have a selfie corner with costume pieces, hats, and props, ● some music playing, ● A happy birthday slide on the screen, rendered in whatever favorite color scheme you request. On stage ● We’ve put out Yogibos (big bean bags) for relaxing. ● The stage lights are on, and one of our improv instructors is ready to provide an intro to improv workshop that leads into a

    • mini-show by the party guests for parents. ● We have video cams pre-placed; at your request we’ll video the party, upload, and give you a link to the footage.
  • Refunds in full up to one week before party. Within a week, 50% refund. We provide a one page agreement that goes over all the details. 

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