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Whether you’re a brand-new improviser or an old pro, you’ll have fun, meet new people, and learn! We'll share games, tips, and do exercises.

Discover the world of a cappella musical improv in this intensive beginner's class. Learn to provide musical accompaniment for scenes, enhance your improv skills, and explore beat-boxing, body percussion, rap, dance, singing, soundscapes, and conducting a human orchestra. These skills are immediately applicable to both short form games and long form narrative musicals.

The workshop begins with a 30-minute vocal warm-up and rhyming exercises, and if you're running late, you can warm up in your car. Don't worry if you're not a confident singer; non-singers can use speaking, rap, and percussion to contribute to the workshop in a safe and supportive environment.

Lisa, who previously worked with Mopco online during the COVID pandemic and won the October 2020 Maestro, is excited to return to Mopco in person.

Every Monday Night 7 - 9

Beginners A Cappella Improv

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The Short and Long of it

Short form Games and Long form Handles

You can register for the Short Form, or the Long Form, or (highly recommended) Both!

Weeks one through four are short form instruction. Short Form games are the kind of improv most people think of when they think of improv: Fast and funny games, like what you might see on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway.” But these games also are great training for improvisers— almost every short form game is designed to build one or more improv skills.

Weeks five through eight are long form instruction.  Long Form improv takes several forms, all of which tend to be exploratory, ensemble based, and…unpredictable! Starting with a simple prompt, a long form team constructs, deconstructs, and reconnects words, characters, and concepts in a free flowing process that creates a unique and memorable piece of theatre.

Led by Alex Rabinowitz and Jason Burke.

Alex Rabinowitz brings 7 years of improv expertise, thriving at AdLib Theater and Harrisburg Improv Theater. By day, a social media maestro with a film degree from Syracuse University.

Jason Burke's improv journey ignited in 1995 on ComedySportz San Jose's mainstage. He pioneered ComedySportz Boston in 2013, inspiring Intel, AMD, and Hewlett Packard through applied improvisation.
Prerequisites: Improv 101, one or more Fundamentals classes, or permission from instructors.

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Mopco Improv 101: The Basics

Join our introductory improv classes to learn the art of improvisation in four 2-hour sessions. Learn core concepts like 'Yes, and...', embracing failure, spontaneity, and collaborative listening. Build scene creation, storytelling, and presentation skills, while fostering trust in your creative instincts. Perfect for performers and those wanting better presentation abilities. Open to all aged 18 and above; no prior experience needed.

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